Why You Should Hire a Copywriter that Writes Content as Powerful as Testimonials (With Proven Steps You Should Try)

A good name can be your golden ticket to prosperity. But for many startups, a solid reputation is a catch 22. A handful of testimonials can go a long way. But when sales are only just trickling in during the early days, it can be a real hassle to get that critical mass of testimonials.

On the other hand, many startups underestimate the significance of engaging blog posts in their marketing arsenal. It’s normal to believe that blog comments and shares are just some vanity metrics. However, they’re an uncanny form of testimonials.

In this post, I’ll show you why you can boost your reputation if you hire a copywriter to produce highly engaging posts. My propositions are backed by the results of a 2018 research by BuzzSumo, which was derived from an analysis of over 100 million articles published within the past year.

Let’s dive in.

Why are Engaging Blog Posts as Powerful as Testimonials?

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Here are some reasons why blog comments and shares promote your reputation as much as testimonials can:

1. Social proof:

When your blog posts become popular and elicit back-and-forth comments, that goes to show that your expertise is widely recognized by your audience.

2. Strengthening bonds with existing and new customers:

Your level of customer engagement can have a huge impact on your reputation.

3. Improved SEO:

With a good SEO performance, search engines reckon your content as being among the most valuable for their searchers.

4. Eliciting valuable feedback:

With blog posts that generate comments, you get to receive valuable feedback that can help you further refine your services for even better results.

5. Giving your customers a voice:

Your transparency and reputation become magnified when you create opportunities for customers to voice their concerns and opinions.

6. Asserting yourself as an industry leader:

It’s no news that blogging has now become one of the most powerful ways to establish authority in an industry. The more valuable, informative, and engaging the blog post, the more powerful it becomes.


How to Write a Blog Post that Generates Comments and Shares

1. Craft an Irresistible Headline

The results of BuzzSumo’s research are unequivocal about the potentials of headlines. But to explore these potentials, first, you need to know what constitutes a captivating headline.

A headline has a greater potential to draw clicks when it contains power words that stoke emotions.

Compare this Smartblogger’s headline:

“26 Creative Writing Exercises That’ll Punch Up Your Writing”

and this from a random competitor:

“Creative Writing Exercises That’ll Make You Write Better”

Here, you can see how the “Punch up your writing” element of the first headline makes it more emotionally potent than “make you write better” in the second.

Also, a headline becomes more powerful when it expresses the benefits of the post to the readers. Obviously, readers would be more likely to read a post when they have the benefits they’ll derive from the post in a clear view.

A strong CTA can also ramp up the charm of a headline. A CTA in a headline shows that the content is actionable and informative, and is therefore worthwhile.

2. Use an Appealing Format

Blogging has a set of formatting rules different than that of every other type of writing. The front and center of blogging format rules is about making posts easily scannable and readable. The aim is to make the readers perceive that they can get boat-loads of highly valuable information if they can stay on your posts for a moment.

You can make your post’s format more appealing if you:

  • Break up the contents with captivating subheadings.
  • Use short paragraphs (one-liner paragraphs reign supreme!).
  • Bold and italicize some important words and phrases.
  • Use bullet points and lists.

3. Explore Long-Form Contents

Image source: OkDork

BuzzSumo’s research shows that deep-penetrating articles get the most shares and comments. Longer posts also have greater potentials to generate better SEO scores.

To make a post highly engaging and worthy of comments and shares, it’s recommended to make it at least 1000 – 3000 words long, packed full of valuable information.

The length of the content alone isn’t enough to generate a high level of engagement. The post also has to provide readers with in-depth, insightful analyses.

4. Explore Captivating Graphics

A single image can make a dry wall of text spring to life. The visual appeal of a post significantly influences its charm.

It’s advisable to use as many images to break up the walls of texts in your post. Also, the greater the diversity of the images, the better the post appeal. Try using a mix of stock pictures, featured images, thumbnail photos, memes, infographics, and diagrams.

5. Spice Things Up With Personality

Finally, you can amp up the level of engagement of your post by infusing it with your personality. Already, personality and voice are indispensable to effective branding. And if blogging is part of your branding strategy, then it’s imperative to make your posts reflect your personality.

If you don’t hold back on expressing your personal opinions, preferences, anecdotes, and gaffes in your blog post, your readers will likely follow suit.


Checklist for an Engaging Blog-Post

Still doubting yourself over the likelihood of getting comments and shares for your blog-Post? Here’s a checklist you can use when you hire a copywriter to write engaging blog posts:

Is commenting in alignment with your content strategy?

In some instances, comments can be counterproductive or out of place. For example, you might want to turn off comments on a highly controversial blog post. You might also want to turn off comments if you’re not prepared to moderate them.

Is your comments system in top shape?

On the technical side of things, you want to make sure that your comment system makes it easy for readers to leave comments on your post.

Is the post in-depth and insightful?

Are you pushing out content that can be easily found anywhere? If you want your readers to drop comments and share your post, you need to wow them with rare insights that reshape their perspective.

Is the post helpful?

The insights and information in your post should have practical implications for your readers. Don’t just throw in a bunch of fun facts. Make sure the post can lead to palpable improvements in certain aspects of the reader’s life.

Is there an emotional appeal?

Readers hardly come out of their shelves if there’s no emotional connection with the contents. To drive your message home, you need to shock them, stir their curiosity, rattle their cage, do whatever you can to move them emotionally in your post. Let them know that emotions are your favorite currency.

Have you asked?

Finally, you need to solicit comments and shares. This is the easiest part of writing an engaging blog post, so there’s no excuse for not doing it. You might think it sounds cheesy, but it’s a good old rule of thumb, anyway.


Fancying Testimonials from Engaging Blog Posts?

It can pay off in spades to hire a copywriter to write engaging blog posts. From fostering engagement to asserting authority, eliciting feedback, and improving SEO, an engaging blog post can boost your reputation in several ways.

If you’ve not been privileged to gather a bunch of testimonials, you can leverage engaging blog posts to establish the authority of your brand in your space!

Now, I’m going to practice what I’ve preached and ask unabashed for you to let us know your thoughts!


Author Bio:

Mark is a juggernaut copywriter with extensive experience in the B2B and Fintech fields. He’s a certified graduate of Smart Blogger’s Content Marketing Certification course. He has earned his stripes writing for top content marketing agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and startups. He’s a voracious reader and an aggressive self-starter. And life has taught him to love sly grins.

Portfolio: Writer.Me





Why You Should Hire a Copywriter that Writes Content as Powerful as Testimonials (With Proven Steps You Should Try)
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