The Ideal Content Writer in 2020

By Taneia Surles

            Finding writing jobs can be a difficult task for many. Whether it’s a freelance, contracted, or a W-2 job, the job search for writers can be challenging as they have to prove their writing abilities and experience. Once writers find the ideal job, they must ensure that they stick out as the best candidate to be offered the position. With the current pandemic happening worldwide, there has been a boom in remote, work-from-home jobs. This is the perfect opportunity for content writers to brush up on their skills and boost their portfolios to make the best impression on future employers.

A content writer job description is posted by companies looking to hire content writers to help improve marketing for their services and/or products. The skills of a content writer can help a company appeal to their desired target audience with exceptional marketing. Content writer responsibilities include conducting research for content, developing content, editing and proofreading, and much more.

Being exceptionally skillful in writing is vital to employers looking for a content writer. Other skills include being able to work independently, familiarity with various writing programs, like Microsoft Office and Google Docs, and strong communication skills. Alongside skills, an educational background, such as a bachelor’s degree in a major such as writing, journalism, and marketing can show proof of education. Having these skills and educational background will make a content writer stand out more to potential employers.

A content writer’s portfolio is equivalent to a resume or CV. This should include a call-to-action, biography, links to published content, social media links, and contact information. The more creative and diverse the portfolio is, the stronger the likelihood of a company responding to a content writer’s application.

Finding jobs in the content writing world may not always be the easiest, but it can be much smoother if the candidate has the backing of a strong portfolio, educational background, and experience. Websites like The Copywrite Agency can assist aspiring writers to find their first—and then subsequent—jobs to become working Content Writers.


Author Bio:

Taneia Surles is an up-and-coming freelance writer from Alabama. She writes and edits content for various companies and independent clients. Taneia is a recent graduate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham double-majoring in public health and minority health. Her background in public health has given her a broad spectrum on various topics. She provides writing, proofreading, and editing services. She has written various forms of academic papers, articles, and more. Her articles focus on a range of different topics, such as health insurance, fetal alcohol syndrome, and microplastics. She is particularly fond of writing blog articles pertaining to health and wellness. She enjoys reading and watching true crime documentaries. She aspires to become a certified health education specialist. You may learn more about her work on: and   



The Ideal Content Writer in 2020
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