Lisa C. - Wellness Coach

There were some great ideas I hadn’t thought of using for my business- I’m excited to try the ones that really resonated with me! I would love more in-depth instruction on some of them. There are definitely ways I could be utilizing some of these tactics better- I’m in a health service industry and haven’t been great at getting referrals! That’s the first place I will start! Thank you for all the great ideas- there were many I haven’t thought about implementing and now I need to prioritize which ones I can do now to grow my business. This was an informative and simple course. I look forward to learning how to blog!

Pat C. - Freelance Writer

I like that you covered the basic modules and what to expect. I am excited to dig into the detail. I like the productivity tips given. For example, place the things you are likely to do and not procrastinate on in the Now section. I am likely to do them and feel good about completing them and being productive. Great ideas here for a business plan. Now it’s time to figure out which ones are the best for me and start working on a few of them. The offline tactics were helpful to think more broadly about marketing. I am interested in looking at the local events as things have opened up a little bit. I also want to contact local businesses for their online needs. I started to do that before COVID set in. I will think about what is best to offer potential customers. Great information and tips of wisdom throughout. I need to take some time and sort through these but am looking forward to seeing what works for my business. Thank you.

Hayden W. - Freelance Writer

“The Launch to Success - Client Attraction System is a valuable adjunct to anyone looking to start or improve their business. This course is perfect for learning learn the key components of understanding the why and how of client attraction” -

Jeffrey H. - Freelance Writer

Launch to Success - Client Attraction System is an excellent class course for beginners and experts alike. This course teaches you the ins and outs on what you have to do to attract clients and how you go about getting them. There are excellent attachments along with the course videos, to help drill home the core concepts for the ultimate learning experience! Whether you are thinking about starting your business online, already have one, are struggling, or have an online business that’s going well and just want a brush-up or to learn how other are doing their online businesses, this coursework is right for you! I highly recommend it! 5/5 stars!

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