Launch to Success – Client Attraction System

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Discover and learn 19 online and offline tactics to attract clients. This course is filled with detailed information, action steps, and activity guide worksheets to assist you in planning how your business can attract clients. This course is aimed more at Content and Copywriters, however, any entrepreneur will benefit from learning these 19 tactics.

Take your business and Launch to Success – learn how to attract clients and be more successful.

The course includes:

  • 7 videos including
  • Student Coursebook
  • Course Highlights booklet
  • Infographic with Links to Resources and Tools

You also receive 2 bonuses:

  • Access to the Private, Launch to Success, Client Attraction Facebook page
  • Curated Job listings board specifically for Content and Copywriters


Launch to Success – Client Attraction System


Tammy is a published Author (The Navarre Brotherhood and Get Paid to Work at Home). She promotes Content and Copywriters on this site by publishing their guest blog posts, profiles, and curating job posts relevant to the field of writing. Tammy is also a Content Writer specializing in Travel, Wines/Vineyards, and Animal Welfare at Expat Writer. Check out her portfolio and contact her to help with your content writing needs.

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  • Jeffrey Hopkins

    An excellent online business course for beginners and experts alike

    The Launch to Success - Client Attraction System Course is an excellent tool for anyone looking to start their online business, looking to make their online business more effective or efficient, or for anyone whose online business is already doing great but wants a refresher or wants to learn how other people are operating their businesses! These classes are prefect for learning the ins and outs Client Attraction and key components for starting or running your online business! This course is perfectly written, easy to understand, and great for beginners and experts alike. I highly recommend it! 5/5 stars.
$19.00 $9.00
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