How to Start a Career in Content Writing

By Christian Shaffer

Are you looking for a flexible job with the ability to work from home and make your own hours? Content writing is an excellent option, especially during the uncertain times and job market we’re facing right now because of COVID-19. If you’re looking to get your career in content writing started, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn How to Write

Lacking writing skills will be a deal-breaker when it comes to whether you succeed or not with a career in content writing. It’s important that you have a strong understanding of the English language, or whatever is language in which you choose to write. There are online courses that can teach you how to become a master writer. Our top pick is SmartBlogger’s CMC Class.


Finding Jobs

The most important part of starting your content writing career, but also the hardest and most time-consuming, is actually finding content writing jobs. You could spend hours every day searching Google or other job boards for a content writing job and find the pay is not worth all of the time spent searching.

Or, you could register with the The Copywriter Agency’s job board. This allows you a one-stop-shop for your job search. The job board takes the guesswork out of your search and conveniently compiles a list of available jobs for you. Goodbye wasted time! Registering for the job board will allow you to spend your time actually writing and getting paid.


Get to Work

When you’re just getting your content writing career started, it’s important to not look for only high-paying gigs. When you’re starting out you really need to accept any and all offers you get so that you can build a portfolio and reputation.

Once you’ve gotten your portfolio built and have developed relationships with clients, you can start fine-tuning your job search and apply for jobs that pay more money. Don’t forget: you should always include a link to your portfolio or a few of your best writing samples when applying for content writing jobs as this will greatly help you get chosen for the gig.


Types of Jobs

Once you have a few gigs under your belt and your portfolio is growing, you can also start being more selective about the kinds of writing jobs you accept. Copywriting spans a large area, some of the types of copywriting jobs include website content, blog articles, eBooks, guides, product descriptions, and much more.



Since the area is so broad, you will really enjoy being registered for the job board that sorts everything for you and allows easy navigation. Happy hunting! Don’t forget to sign up on The Copywriter Agency’s job board to get your content writing career started in the right direction.


Author Bio:

With a calm and adept attitude, Christian Shaffer’s passion is learning new skills. He started his entrepreneurial career at age 19 beginning by researching how to make money from home. He now owns multiple businesses.

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How to Start a Career in Content Writing
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