How to Rock Your Copywriting Upstart!

By Justin Williams

This may sound like a shock to many people out there, but copywriting is indeed a true art. When you’re trying to make it in the industry as a freelance or self-employed copywriter though, you need to ensure that you’re doing it right! While you don’t necessarily have to be a literacy major (if you’ve seen the market on numerous job boards, you’ll notice that a lot of copywriters are out there), but you do have to be a professional in all that you do! Knowing how much to charge, how much you should get paid, and how to not sell yourself short – all while keeping one thing in mind – your work is to provide customer service to your clients to help their businesses succeed! But how can you totally rock your copywriting skills to compete with all of the online copywriting jobs available these days when there is so much to compete against? That’s what The Copywriting Agency is here to help you do!

One Niche or Many?

These days, you may find that many copywriters embark into the market on dedicated niches – or areas of interest – when it comes to their writing work. When looking at freelance content writing jobs though, you need to find where you can fit in. Ask yourself these questions when looking and applying (or submitting proposals):

• Do you want to cover a certain topic?

Maybe you have special knowledge in a certain area more than others. If you find that you’re getting more work in this area, and more job success, you may want to go ahead and pick this niche and run with it! However, contrary to belief, the more valuable copywriters aren’t those that can only cover one or two topics. Being able to write about literally anything, and make it engaging is the most important thing you can do. Diversity, perseverance, and adaptability can definitely pay off!

• What kind of work do you want to write?

There are numerous formats of articles you’ll be able to find on job boards – you have basic content writing jobs, blog writing, news writing, landing page (a.k.a. web content), and much more. All of these are a type of copywriting job, and they all have different pay rates (more on that soon). The more you can do, the more you’re going to surprise your clients with exceptional work – so do keep that in mind!

• How much research do you need to do?

You may be a complete connoisseur of a certain topic that you’re going to write. But this is where a little bit of digital marketing knowledge comes to play. What?!?! You have to learn digital marketing? Absolutely! While you may know about a certain topic, you need to know how to write for the target market of your subject – whether it’s informative, keyword-based, or simply just entertaining content! More than anything, you also need to get comfortable researching other articles that are high ranking on search engines so you can see just why they have millions of readers! Don’t be surprised though if you need to research a topic that you haven’t got complete knowledge of – just make sure that your research time doesn’t completely overtake your day. Try to find an even balance.

• How much should you charge?

This is the most asked question in freelancing of any kind – and for good reason. A lot of job boards out there, even the more popular ones on the web, are full of people who don’t understand just how much to pay, but that doesn’t mean you have to sell yourself short either! If you want to do the best, and be the best copywriter possible, you need to know how to be courteous with your charges – but don’t just continuously undercut people. In the copywriting talent market, you’re going to compete against other writers in third-world countries, as well as more heavily populated areas. Because of this, you’ll get some people who will just seem to sell their work for pennies! Do not do this if you’re a seasoned writer.

If someone’s looking for your language of writing, especially a native speaking role – your job is to showcase those talents, and bring them to light for your clients and customers! The U.S. national average is about 10 cents per word (or $10 for every 100 words). However, you can adjust your price based on your location and budget, but keep in mind that you don’t want to go too low, or you’re going to have to do triple the work.

How Do I Find Copywriting Jobs?

How The Copywriting Agency Can Help

Fortunately, there are numerous places you can look online to find a good content writer-from-home job. It just takes a little digging. Finding a job board that can give you the best copywriting jobs without charging an arm and a leg for premium service (of course the best niche job boards do require a premium subscription to get all of the perks) is important!

Remember: The average freelancer starts out by investing no less than $100 in their first year alone, but you can find some places that can find you work for less than that if you’ve already got a lot of what you need (a computer, high-speed internet, the right software, etc.)! With the right copywriting agency platform to work through, you can keep up with the latest trends so you can stay on your toes and knock the socks off of your clients!


Author Bio:
Justin Williams is a member of the husband & wife team of copywriters known as Bee’s Writing Services from the Midwest. As a veteran-owned company (Justin’s a U.S. Army Vet), their goal is to ensure that they can help businesses and other entrepreneurs starting their dreams, and have a wide variety of services (aside from just copywriting) to offer. With 10 years of writing experience, they can give you the insight you need to become successful as they have, and you can even find them on Facebook!

How to Rock Your Copywriting Upstart!
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