Hire Content Writers in 2020: Three Tips to Rock Your Marketing Goals

Would you love to see your business dominate the marketplace? You believe in your brand. Nobody does what you do like you do.

How do you break through to the next level of sales?

What will it take? Are there resources to transform your business?

You know the value of working with professionals. Maybe hiring a professional content writer will bring quality clients to your doorstep!

Let’s unpack how a freelance content writer helps achieve your business goals.

Envision the Perfect Content Writer

You can’t pigeon-hole a professional writer. Excellent writers create materials that captivate a reader. They propel readers to your desired call-to-action (CTA).

A freelance content writer uses many powerful skills. She excels at research and demonstrates an outstanding grasp of your topic.

Her grammar and editing skills enhance the flow of thought in her writing. With each client, the writer must be able to reproduce the tone of a particular brand or individual.

The content writer produces deliverables for every need. These include:

  • Creating or refreshing web page content
  • Crafting case studies and white papers
  • Blogging
  • Social media content production and management
  • Creating Ultimate Guides
  • Providing E-books, newsletters, or emails

Hire a content writer to tell your story. He is your brand’s subject matter expert and champion.

He brainstorms ideas, pitches projects, and develops a long-term strategy. Together you ramp up for unprecedented growth!

Hire a Bodacious Content Writer

What are the benefits of hiring professional content writers?



1.    Determine WHAT your reader wants and deliver results

A freelance content writer sleuths out your reader’s search intent. You may be wondering what ‘search intent’ is.

Well, every time you open Google and type in a keyword or phrase, Google provides recommendations. Google offers its best attempt to figure out what you want.

Your savvy content writer researches the heck out of your topics. His complete knowledge of your subject ensures outstanding content.

A professional freelance writer knows your reader’s thoughts better than they do.

2.    Exploit top-notch SEO tools for great content placement

  • Increased time on your page: Optimized content draws in readers. It then keeps then active. Google rewards you for their ‘dwell time,’ and they will more likely become customers.
  • Perfect keywords identified: SEO tools for content writing reveal relevant keywords for topics people search for moment-by-moment. You can even reverse-engineer your competition and learn how to outrank them
  • Engaging Content: Your content writer rocks the strategic placement of your primary and secondary keywords. Look for them within compelling headings, subheadings, and throughout your text.
  • SEO Best Practices: Your freelance writer uses only legitimate Search Engine Optimization techniques. Avoid those using ploys such as ‘keyword stuffing’ in an attempt to fool Google.
  • A savvy content writer is empathetic. She is a mastermind capable of asking (and answering) questions in the mind of the reader. Her openings, headlines, and deep content keep the reader’s attention from start to finish. When she finishes, the reader has no choice but to follow through on your desired course of action.

Remember the goal of your writing. Grab hold of these principles and achieve your writing goals. Focus on your content’s purpose. Ensure that your intent is crystal-clear. Entice your reader with clear calls to action!



Your needs don’t sound like a job for a ‘hack content writer.’ Right?

So let’s discuss the process of finding the ideal content writer.


Zero in on your Ideal Content Writer (Reveal the Holy Grail)

Your most valuable commodities are time and money. And you don’t have enough of either.

All the more reason you can’t take shortcuts in finding a damn good writer! Get this wrong, and your whole process goes south.

Finding the right content writers for hire at the right price — that is your challenge.

How much does it cost to hire a content writer? The answer to that question is . . . it depends. As you ponder what you can afford to pay, consider the following:

  • What special skills do you demand? SEO, WordPress, HTML, or other unique abilities bring a higher cost.
  • What kind of research will you need? White papers or technical pieces require extensive research. This translates to precious time!
  • What experience level do you want? You may need to factor in a designated amount of reviews and edits.
  • What is your writer’s contractual arrangement? Will the writer be an employee, on retainer, or work as a freelance writer?
  • What benefit does the writer receive from your compensation? A freelance writer factors health care, taxes, and PTO into their annual budget. Their pricing reflects that need.
  • What is the basis for your pricing structure? Each freelance writer considers many factors in pricing. Be prepared to discuss payment per word, per project, or hourly!

The confidence that you place in a freelance writer should influence your compensation. An excellent writer represents your brand. Be prepared to pay for the best!

Where can I find freelance writers?

An excellent content writer is worth her weight in gold. Take your time and choose a good fit for your organization.

As you cast a wide net for candidates, look for platforms that offer writer portfolios. These writing samples showcase their experience, writing styles, and abilities.

Your search is easy when hiring a freelance content writer. They have no geographic limitations and are always as close as Zoom or Skype.

Begin by bookmarking a selection of online job boards. Check these for a week or so before you begin a serious search.

  • LinkedIn: Many content writers maintain a professional presence here.
  • Indeed.com — post jobs, view resumes, and profiles.
  • Glassdoor.com — post jobs, review resumes.
  • Other platforms include Upwork, ProBlogger, Blogging Pro, and Craigslist.
  • The Copywriter Agency — Search by Category, Niche/Industry, Content Specialty, or Location. Find a copywriter who will fit your needs.
  • Writer.me — a listing of certified content marketers.

Shop local marketing agencies and recruiters: ZipRecruiter, Robert Half, and Kelly Services. These services let you ‘test-drive’ a freelance writer. If you like what you see, take steps to make your arrangement permanent.

Are you ready to move forward and take charge of your business market?


Time’s a Wasting: Hire a Content Writer Now.

When it comes to business, you always under-promise and over-deliver. You value getting things done now, rather than later. And your customers love you for that!

You know that freelance content writers can deliver fantastic online content writing.

Your business deserves powerful content writing that markets your business as you sleep. You need increased website conversions, more traffic, and enthusiastic fans.

What keeps you from moving forward? Find a content writer for hire today and begin achieving the business success you deserve.


Author Bio:

Hi, I am Norm. Do you need a kick-ass content writer? My real-life credentials are hard-earned. I am a retired Army officer and ten-year owner of a health and wellness practice. During my Reserve Officer tenure, I served two National B2B companies in sales and management. I crushed Jon Morrow’s rigorous Content Management Certification (Smart Blogger) and began a freelance marketing company, Savvy Content Marketing. Shoot me an email and let’s talk about your unique needs. How can my great content and SEO optimization rock your business?


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Hire Content Writers in 2020: Three Tips to Rock Your Marketing Goals
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