Calling All Content and Copy Writers!

Are you interested in promoting your services, having businesses search for you, and adding published work to your portfolio?

The Copywriter Agency is a website that allows you to list your services and provides a search form for businesses to find the perfect copywriter for them. Writer profiles include the writer’s name, email, website, and links to published works, and popular social media sites.

Businesses can search for copywriters by several criteria:

  • Category (B2B or B2C)
  • Niche/Industry
  • Content Specialty
  • Location

I would like to offer writers the opportunity to submit a 500-1,000 word blog post to promote one of the following:

  • Why businesses should hire copywriters
  • Why businesses should hire content writers
  • {Specific industry} copywriting
  • {Specific industry} content writing
  • Why businesses need {specific content type}

The “Specific industry” and “Specific Content Type” should be for the industry or category that the writer specializes in. The writer will then have another published post to use on their portfolios and which will provide backlinks to their websites and social media – increasing their ranking in Google.

The post can include up to three visuals and a 150-word author biography with a profile picture and social media links. The post, visuals, and author biography should be emailed to One post will be published each day in the order in which they arrive.

Start your writing engines and submit those blog posts! Your future is looking bright!


Author Bio:

Tammy Wunsch is a Content Writer who promotes travel and wine with a keen interest in animal welfare. I write a travel blog that explores diverse destinations, wines, wineries, and animal sanctuaries. As a former – and future – expatriate, I love to produce content relevant to foreign travel, exotic locales, and delicious wines which can make an international lifestyle enjoyable.

I promote:

  • Countries as desirable destinations in which to live, work, and travel
  • Vineyards and wineries to share a joyful experience
  • Animal sanctuaries to illustrate successful animal rescue organizations

Contact me today to discuss how I can tell your story!



Calling All Content and Copy Writers!
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