My name is Tammy Wunsch and I  founded The Copywriter Agency. I am also an international writer of mystery, travel, and wine – with a side of course development. I have written two novels: The Navarre Brotherhood and Reunions Can Be Murder: A Wine Tasting Mystery.​
I started content writing with a blog called I Speak for Paws and still manage their social media. I have a blog on my site TammyWunsch.com – most of the content there came from another blog called Expat Writer which has now been transitioned to TammyWunsch.com for ease of branding.
Finally, I also run a business called The Copywriter Agency. This is has evolved over time from a board where Copywriters could post their profiles to a niche job board that collates content and copywriting-specific jobs from multiple sites and lists them on our own job board.
The Copywriter Agency is entering into a new phase – training. This isn’t really new territory for me. I worked as a Trainer in Corporate America, I taught Business courses at a business college in New York City, and I currently teach technology and math, in addition to my writing.
I decided to host Launch to Success on The Copywriter Agency after coaching many of my friends through starting and growing their businesses. 
Every Launch to Success course has two very valuable bonuses:
1. Access to a carefully curated job board specifically for Content and Copywriters.
2.Membership in a private Facebook page for course-specific participants.


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