4 Useful Tools for Freelance Copywriters in 2020

By Lindsey Enslen


So, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and become a freelance copywriter full time! While making your passion a full-time career sounds like an easy job, you will probably come to find out that you could use a hand. Several tools out there that I discovered have helped me so much in my copywriting jobs. Some of these tools are online and some aren’t only specific to copywriters, however, they have all been invaluable in my career and I hope you can find them helpful in yours.



The first tool I want to discuss is one you’ve probably heard of—Grammarly. Grammarly is a digital writing tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to improve your writing. While it is most known for fixing, well, grammar, there are so many more features to Grammarly that people don’t commonly know about. For instance, did you know that Grammarly can detect tones in writing and helps you alter your text to achieve the mood you’re going after? It can even check for plagiarism, inform you of wordiness, offer sentence rewrite suggestions, and more. Grammarly is available online and via an app. It even has a desktop plugin and a browser extension—this enables Grammarly to offer you improvements while you surf the web or use other text features of your computer. Basically, Grammarly will help you in all areas of your business. I run everything I write through Grammarly before submission to ensure I’m submitting the best possible products. 



Copyscape is another useful tool for writers, especially copywriters. As an online plagiarism detector, Copyscape scans the web for strings of your text and alerts you to plagiarism cases. This tool is beneficial when it comes to papers with a lot of references or citations. Sometimes, plagiarism isn’t intentional—Copyscape will help show you the areas you need to cite or rewrite. While these features are not free, it is only a small fee to subscribe to this tool. There is a free version that allows you to check published webpages for plagiarized content, but not for offline text.



One of the things I most needed help with when I started freelance copywriting full time was keeping track of my assignments and due dates. That’s where Trello comes in. Trello is a web application that visually displays project information in a Kanban-style display. I use Trello to track my assignments and their due dates through the use of “boards.” For instance, I have a To-Do board, a Doing Board, and a Done board. Trello allows you to insert attachments, assign due dates, collaborate with teammates, and more! Every time I get a new assignment, I create a new item on my To-Do board. Then, I load it with all the pertinent details. Whenever something about the assignment changes, you can easily update the item. And, as the assignment progresses, you can move it through different boards. That’s just one of the many uses of Trello! 

Agendio Planner

Lastly is my absolute favorite tool that I found useful as a freelance copywriter. It is my personal, customized Agendio Planner. Agendio is a company that allows you to customize planners and notebooks to fit your needs. They have several templates to choose from, or you can customize your own. Everything from the font choice to the line spacing can be changed. Agendio is the most customizable planner I have found. It is extremely handy when juggling multiple assignments at once.



Now that you have these helpful tools, you can go back to scouring the niche job boards, such as The Copywriting Agency, for copywriting gigs even more prepared than before. These tools will help you push your writing one step further, guarantee your content’s originality, and help keep you organized. That makes for a killer freelance copywriter!



Author Bio:


Lindsey Enslen is a full-time Technical Writer and Editor and freelance writer in her off-time. She has a master’s degree in English, and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. While originally from Northern Virginia, Lindsey moved around a lot until moving to San Diego, CA in 2016. She has two greyhounds—Ziggy and Bailey.


4 Useful Tools for Freelance Copywriters in 2020
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